The Seller Experience

Putting a spotlight on your listing.

Each and every one of my listings gets its own dedicated website using our listing presentation tool. This allows your listing to be better indexed by search engines such as Google, and makes it easier for home buyers to find your property.

Visually stunning photos and videos.

The vast majority of property searches start online. This makes it absolutely essential that your home can wow buyers in the digital world. That is why I use professional photography and videos for each and every listing.

Advice when you need it the most.

With years of experience helping sellers, I’ve helped my clients meet their home ownership goals by securing the right buyers, negotiating the best possible price tags and terms, smooth the moving process, and so much more.

Selling is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Let me help simplify your home selling journey…


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Schedule a one-on-one, no commitment consultation.

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Create your plan

I will create a custom step-by-step plan that will get you the best price for your home.


Realize your goals

Decide if you want to hire me or do it on your own. Either way, you’ll have the winning plan.

The Home Selling Process

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Motivation and Expectations

Think about your motivations for selling and take inventory of your expectations of the selling process and of me as your real estate agent.


Price Your Home to Sell

We'll analyze a Comparative Market Analysis of the value of your home. Setting your asking price too high or too low can affect how long your home spends on the market.


Discuss Selling Roadmap

Together we will discuss each checkpoint in the selling process. What will need to be done, by whom, and by when.


Home Improvements

Discuss what repairs and upgrades should be done before putting the house on the market. The goal is to make your home as presentable as possible to potential buyers.


Ready, List, Market!

Always with professional pictures, Facebook Ads, and an individual website for optimized search results, your home will be listed up on the MLS where it will syndicate with thousands of websites worldwide.

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How to upsize into a bigger home

Free Seller's Guide

Comprehensive Real Estate Seller's Guide

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